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Manche fragen sich vielleicht, was aus dem pir.at URL shortener geworden ist. Er war sehr populär, besonders auch in Tschechien und Deutschland, in Österreich wurde er sogar im TV gezeigt.
Nur wegen eines einzigen Links wurde Paypal (ebay) aktiv und verlangte vom österreichischen Internet-Provider (!) entsprechende Maßnahmen. Dieser Provider drohte dem pir.at Hoster mit der Sperre seiner sämtlichen Domains, was dessen Arbeit natürlich unmöglich gemacht hätte. Also bat mich der Hoster, den URL-Shortener zu schliessen, was ich schweren Herzens tun musste. Sollte jemand einen Off-Shore Hoster kennen, der nicht erpressbar ist, ersuche ich um Benachrichtigung,
Bootsmann at pir.at
——– Original-Nachricht ——– Betreff: [eBay:2QGCC14WI313] Urgent: New PayPal Phishing Redirect Site Report []
Datum: Wed, 26 Mar 2014 14:24:01 +0100 (CET)
Von: PayPal Abuse Reports
Antwort an: PayPal Abuse Reports
An: ************************


Dear Inode Telekommunikationsdienstleistungs GmbH:
We have just learned that your service is being used to facilitate fraud without your knowledge.
Recently, we have seen that a number of individuals have created false or “spoofed” PayPal.com web pages and emails, apparently in an effort to steal personal and financial information from consumers. When a PayPal user is fraudulently direct to such a spoof page, the user may input personal identification information into text fields on the spoof pages. Unfortunately, the perpetrators of such pages has chosen your service at – http://pir.at/1bpb
as a means of re-directing that stolen identification information from the spoof site to the perpetrator’s email account.
This matter is urgent – we believe that consumers have been falsely directed to this page and may be fooled into divulging personal information to a criminal if the page is not immediately disabled. We ask that you immediately disable your service from use on this site, so that this fraudulent scheme can be stopped.
In addition to the fact that this use of your service is illegal and harmful to consumers, you should take action to prevent it because the conduct violates those provisions of your user agreement that prohibit use of your product for unlawful activities or activities related to spam.
We sincerely appreciate your immediate attention to this important matter. We would also appreciate if you would take steps to confirm the accuracy of any contact information that your user may have provided to you in establishing the account. Should you have any accurate information that could assist PayPal and law enforcement in tracking this individual, we greatly appreciate your assistance, as we know that you do not condone the use of your services for such criminal purposes.
PayPal Inc.
Trust & Safety


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  1. pirat schrieb am

    Disabling this service won’t stop criminals since there’re many others like it. And even if there’d be non, the criminals wouldn’t stop their crimes, just as stopping the sale of knives won’t stop their use for murders etc.
    PayPal’s attitude is typical for the malicious libertarian humanistic ideology which currently has in its grip the West and will be the cause of its downfall by self-destructive defeatism and following resignation to enemies like islam.
    Shame on the elites pushing for the NWO!

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